Hotel Tower- Former vinegar factory, “L'Étoile”

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In the planned location, this building consists of a tower of around 120 metres high that lies on a base made of three volumes in a cantilever that welcomes auxiliary functions at the hotel. These, which are projected in three directions, are anchored to a longitudinal lower section, which contains the restaurant and fitness centre.

The site’s general layout has been studied so as to minimise the felling of trees, while not affecting the ground’s contour.

The facades are mainly comprised of curtain walls with clear glass and a Corten steel liner. On the one hand, these materials reflect the sky and surrounding vegetation, and on the other, they blend into the wooded environment. The combination of full and empty spaces opens views and overlooks the landscape at the restaurant level, while there are different panoramic views from upper floors.

Several additions have been made to minimise the building’s environmental impact: triple glazing, extensive insulation, green roofs, a heat pump which draws its energy from the water table that is found under the site, and finally the collection of rainwater to water the gardens and for cleaning, etc.