Apartment block – Residence du Cèdre



The project, which is found at the corner of the avenue Berlaimont Louis and avenue Henri de Brouckère, concerns the construction of a new apartment block, along with the restoration of an old adjacent building.

Comprised of 7 apartments, which have parking space for 12 cars (which may be entered via avenue Louis Berlaimont), the new building intends to preserve the green surroundings and existing buildings. All the trees and gardens at the corner of the avenues Henri de Brouckere and Louis Berlaimont, including the magnificent of Lebanese cedar, are maintained.

Integration with neighbouring buildings is also ensured by the use of clay tiles (glased Burgundy shade). Furthermore, façade coatings, the wooden coverings of facades and bow-window, sun visors on metallic structures, numerous terraces and recessed floors, create a harmonious development at all levels with the gardens.