Apartment block – Residence Jade

Logements Commerces


These two contemporary apartment blocks, which are found at the corner of avenue Baron d'Huart Albert and rue Félix de Keuster, are found at the heart of a pleasant neighbourhood found in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

These materials make the architecture both sober and long-lasting. Through the articulation of volumes, both on its plan and façade, we have wanted to form a corner building that is open on the neighbourhood.

The colour scheme on the decorative stones and the contrast between white and gray, enable us to cut the façades to obtain a rate that is aligned with neighbouring buildings.

Both buildings contain a total of 17 luxury apartments which have 24 individual car parking spaces and places to leave bikes.

The ground floor houses a commercial space, which includes four shops that overlook a garden at the back. There are four in all; one of them has a car park that may also be used as an area for vehicles to unload.

All apartments are through apartments. They benefit from both a garden view and bright sunshine, looking out southwest onto avenue Baron d'Huart. Note that the kitchens may be at the front and rear, thanks to the design of technical shafts.

The apartments on the 1st floor overlook a private garden terrace, with a view out over the three treetops. Besides being pleasant to look at, these trees serve as a vegetal screen from the neighbouring school. The view from the school will be much nicer than before (former hangar which included garages, with asphalt roofing).

This building therefore aims to provide comfort, warmth, sustainability and well-being for its future occupants.