Apartment block – Les terrains de Forest



The project, located on a vast terrain between the rue du Bambou and the rue Haveskercke, concerns the construction of 3 new luxury apartments buildings and 3  single-family homes with individual garages.

The project, which is found on a vast stretch of land between rue du Bambou and rue Haveskercke, concerns the construction of 3 new luxury apartment buildings and single-family homes, with 3 separate garages.

The building on avenue Haveskercke includes 18 apartments with an underground parking lot for 27 cars. Both buildings at Cité Bambou have 8 and 19 apartments respectively, with a common underground parking lot for a total of 44 cars. Meanwhile, the existing conciergerie adjoining buildings on rue de Bambou is refurbished and has an apartment therein. Access to the car parks is via two entrances, in order to distribute the traffic flow evenly on both branches bordering the site. On the Cité rue du Bambou side the parking area is limited to the second underground basement in order to maintain the ground's natural slope. There is no route accessible by cars in the site.

All the apartments are comfortable, from simple 1 bedroom apartments (from 40.5m² to 50m²) to 3 bedroom penthouses (126m²).

This new building is found in green surroundings, including many remarkable trees that have been included in the project. They include several chestnuts, limes, maples, sycamores and a beautiful weeping beech that is 22 metres high; many species orchestrating a superb setting on this hilly site. All the big trees existing in the park are maintained.

There is also a body of water in the centre of the site, which also acts as a water retention basin.

The many terraces and façade withdrawals offer various outlooks on this outstanding urban site.

The contemporary architectural design is expressed in two forms:

One via the buildings of rue Haveskercke, which were designed to harmoniously blend into the district. As the buildings face the road, the architecture has been designed so as to ensure continuity with the immediate neighbourhood by a number of set-back facades with plantations.

The other expressive form is comprised of two volumes found on the sloping rue du Bambou, a dozen metres back from the street, behind a row of trees along a fenced wall. The side walls are almost 9 metres apart so as to clear a view on the inner park, which highlights the weeping beech that oversees the park. The buildings have flat roofs and overhanging awnings and terraces, making the setting dynamic and opening living spaces on the site.

The foundations, which are made from stone, give a solid basement and ground floor. The floors are covered with a light coloured plaster.

Both in terms of the techniques used in the choice of materials, these buildings combine quality of life and contemporary environmental concerns with sustainable energy.