Apartment blocks – Araucaria and Styl

Logements Bureaux


Central to Braine-l’Alleud, the Araucaria and Styl apartment blocks are found on the Grand Place, opposite the Town Hall, and on the corner of rue Doyen Vanbelle, which leads to the church square.
The program consisted of two parts: the transformation of the existing building on the corner and the building of two apartment blocks.

The former notarial house now has a self-employed professional, with its entrance on rue Doyen Van Belle, in addition to two apartments on the upper side, which are accessible via rue de l’Hôpital. The transformation of this mansion has set the tone for the entire project, with new apartments adjoining the existing building.

The blue stone foundations of the notary’s house extend into the Araucaria and Styl buildings, giving rhythm to the ground floor along the slope of rue de l’Hôpital. The interplay of identical balconies and window openings comprise the forwarded and withdrawn facades, with shadow and light, which animate the pedestrian promenade.

The luxurious and diverse interior spaces are punctuated by the dynamics stemming from balconies and offer a high permeability with the outside.

Despite the program’s relative magnitude, four self-employed professionals - two 1-bedroom apartments – four 2-bedroom apartments – nine 3-bedroom apartments, the building blends harmoniously into the urban fabric of this town centre.