Mixed block of apartments and offices

Logements Bureaux


The reconstruction of two adjoining houses, found at 1503 and 1505 chausée de Wavre, was an opportunity for the Project to set up in a framework designed by itself. The building is part of a traditional Brussels islet that consists of housing, shops and offices.

The front of the building displays a unit increased by a symmetrical composition.

The project includes offices and a duplex apartment with a terrace and its own entrance for each unit.

The ground floor, semi-underground basements and the garden are fully vested in offices.

The overall design is guided by a desire for lightness and brightness.

Indeed, facing this street, the interior spaces are meant to be more transparent as we approach the garden. From the entrance, the main circulation looks out over the lush garden. All spaces are structured by intermediate levels around a glass roof and an outdoor green space, giving a breath of freshness and calm.

The fixed furniture, which is arranged along shared walls, includes ventilation and lighting techniques, which has helped maintain a maximum height under the ceiling.

The materials, such as beech, metal, translucent and clear glass, which are bathed in a bright green make this a peaceful and harmonious area conducive to work and reflection.