Entrepot Industriel – Probelmat



The plot covers the street curve and has an adjoining right the corner of an imposing industrial building. The waterlogged pitch required significant draining and pile foundations.

As a tile wholesaler, the project owner above all wanted a large storage area. The covered part was to receive a clear height for placing racks to store pallets, one above the other.

The outside area was intended for the storage of stacked pallets and allowed trucks to manœuver easily. The access should enable clarks to move freely between indoors and outdoors. If possible, the project owner wanted a chance to look at these two important areas. The location of offices on upper floors and between the two areas thus proved excellent.

The building takes the form of a utility rectangle of 61 x 25m on the ground, which rises over three floors in front. Mounting workshops, technical spaces, sanitation and access occupy the entire frontal section and communicate with the storage areas.

The first floor includes offices, a dining hall, toilets and storage space. An additional floor above the offices serves as multi-purpose space. Already visible from the corner of rue Uylenbroek and chausée de Mons, the façade is easily identified by its succession of five large arcades. The architecture of the main façade is animated by a number of arcs of the metallic structure and the pillars on which they rest, creating the forefront. The foundations in concrete blocks and coloured architectural concrete contrasts with the lightness of the metallic structure and the curtain wall behind the two upper levels.

Light enters inside in a delicate manner, through translucent panels of the curtain wall glass, while a wide horizontal strip made of glass, with openings offers a view on the outside. The side and rear walls are processed identical to the filler metal cladding panels on the front panel. A corbelled cornice is inclined to unify the whole.

Close collaboration with the project owner has enabled a building that is not only fully in line with its program, but which can also respond to other uses due to its identity and its architectural concept. The result gives an unexpected achievement for an industrial building.