Office block - Science Montoyer



2009 Laureat for Exemplary building – Breeam Excellent


The building is found at the heart of the "European" district, at the corner of the rue Montoyer and rue de la Science, near to Place du Luxembourg. The site has amenities and transport facilities nearby, which makes it easy to access, with the use of soft methods of transport (cycling etc.).

This major restoration of offices, which has a total surface area of 6,920m², has performances of K32 and E60. It is resolutely economical and environmentally friendly, both in terms of integration in its urban context, in the design of its envelope, its techniques and its desire to encourage such "soft" transport (min. 42 parking spaces for cyclists, instructions with lockers and sanitary facilities). The building also displays hyper-efficient or passive consumption of 17kWh/m²/year (PPHP) for heating and 15kWh/m²/year (PPHP) for ventilation.

The wishes of the client FEDIMMO, the architectural firm ARTE POLIS and the special techniques office VAN REETH, to make a responsible and environmently-friendly building have influenced the project’s development towards a balance between investment realities and energy savings.

For its second participation in the call of the IBGE project, the "SCIENCE MONTOYER" project offers an intelligent management of the building. The facades have been redesigned to ensure the best balance of natural light and thermal comfort. They benefit from very high performance ecological insulation (insulating foam and thick rock wool); they are equipped with extra-clear glasing (TL81%), coupled with external blinds with metal slats (standardised
opening chasses). The blinds are automatically controlled depending on the sun so as to ensure a maximum heat input, while avoiding overheating. Artificial lighting is itself based on sunshine and the building's actual
occupation (movement and presence detector). Biodiversity was also addressed through the treatment of a green roof of 127m² on the 6th floor and a vegetable pergola acting as a natural sunblock on the rear façade. The use of rainwater from the roof is also carried through its storage in a 5000 litre tank which supplies the lavatories of the first floors.

The largest roof areas have been dedicated to local electricity production. The use of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the 7th floor (providing 20% of the building's total annual consumption), the use of eco-lifts
(- 4,400kWh/m²/year) and the intelligent management of lighting, have enabled between 52% and 56% of primary energy to be saved relative to a standard building (130kWh/m²/year). The heating and ventilation system via radiant ceilings (15°-18° C and 35°-30° C, condensing gas boiler 50-30° C, heat recovery in the ventilation group (>86%!), free cooling and variable speed fan together ensure the strong performance that has been announced.

Finally, the program that has been developed, which is typical of Brussels, wants to teach future users and be easy to reproduce in the future.