Office block - Cobepa



Located between rue Wiertz and the pedestrian slab covering Gare du Luxembourg, in the former location of the Office des Propriétaires, the building establishes the connection between the Espace Léopold, existing homes and future residential areas.

Through its natural appearance, which is contrasted with the curtain walls the European Parliament, Stone, which is the main constituent of the facades, allowing for its natural appearance, a transition with the urban fabric.

Designed in accordance with a strict budget and a tight schedule, construction meets the technical quality requirements and offers many performances such as the computerised management of different power supplies, lighting, air conditioning system, monitoring, access, etc.

A tense curve generated the project, which via the three parking levels and the nine office levels led to a systematic and rational pattern, which results in a greater readability of the area.

The circulations and services take the form of central modules so that the usefulvolume are detached from coercion and bathed in a light that qualifies. The trays offer a free plan divided into a multitude of partitioning options.

The building is crowned by technical areas and a meeting room. The torus-shaped cover portion is covered with zinc sheets.

The composition of the plan follows the outer areas that are an invitation to walk by directing the way to the central agora. The balance with the environment is a will soon present the project design that materializes by the search for a human dimension and concern of integration with the neighbouring Wiertz and Léopold parks.