Office block - Beiersdorf



Following the contracting authority’s desire to extend its office area, we proposed an extension of the building on one of its sides so that the extension forms a new independent and spacious bay.

Moreover, this new wing next to Boulevard de l’Humanité using plaster, glass and metal cladding, provides a new architectural breath.

The new span enables the construction of a comfortable office area and frees up a large central space which concentrates the functions of distribution, relaxation and informal meetings.

This arrangement gives the building the friendly character that it was lacking.

The ground floor expands and invites the visitor to enter a pleasant reception area, with a view out over the garden, which better distributes the different functions: access to the floors, meeting rooms, etc.

Both here, as the case on other floors, the addition of a span enables the spaces to be differentiated by the materials, textures, and lighting zones, in addition to the rational establishment of any special techniques that become engines in architectural research.

The span’s contribution has also created a new technical space hidden behind a roof cladding which crowns a new façade, a new building.