Office block - Brederode



One of the major concerns in the transformation of this building was to be able to recover as much space that had been misused over the years which had thereby become an archiving area.

The first central space on the ground floor was lit by a skylight over a roof window, which on the second day also illuminates in a narrow corridor lined with windows on the first floor.

The opening of corridors in the galley on the central space and the new skylight enabled a library area to be created.

The mezzanine floor was used for the passage of pipes from one building to the next. All these pipes together under a false floor enabled the recovery of all the mezzanine’s premises.

Meeting rooms, a dining room, kitchens and sanitary facilities have therefore been created.

All the decorative items respecting the building’s style and era. Brass light fixtures and Murano glass, Venetian blinds, the constructive elements of skylights and woodwork always seems to have been there.

The lighting has been subject to a particular study.

Likewise, testing and on-site measurements with prototypes have been made.

One of the points that determined the project owner’s final choice was the reduction in energy consumption by the use of fluorescent lighting. It was also interesting to create a lighting family from the same element. A series could be produced, and this significantly reduced the cost of the device. The aesthetics were customised and adapted to the building's style.